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Ringing in the new year with a glass of champagne

Every holiday has its own set of customs, traditions and drinking habits, and ringing in the new year with a glass of champagne is a longstanding one. In fact, drinking champagne to ring in the new year technically dates back to the 16th century, but champagne was specifically considered a holy drink for elite society. It was eventually marketed as a drink of aspiration, which people now use for celebratory events such as christenings and new year celebrations. Cheers!

Layoffs will ring in the new year at Helena Industries

Layoffs will ring in the new year at Helena Industries. The company announced 26 people will lose their jobs, after the state cut its funding for case management services. Four local nonprofits currently receive state contracts to provide targeted case management services for people with developmental disabilities. Last week, the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services announced it would absorb those duties.

Heavy snow will hit the Helena area

If you have travel plans to ring in 2018, authorities warn, heavy snow will hit the Helena area as a winter storm continues to move across the region. The National Weather Service in Great Falls forecast 4-7 inches in the valley between Friday afternoon rush hour into Saturday. McDonald, Rogers and Marias passes and the Lincoln area could see 15-30 inches of snow. Warmer weather with highs in the 20s is expected to move into the region early next week.

Just in time for New Year’s eve travelers

Just in time for New Year’s eve travelers, the historic bridge southwest of Augusta was reopened to the public Thursday afternoon. After subzero temperatures and heavy snow hampered repairs earlier this week, Lewis and Clark County officials said the 120-year-old Dearborn River High Bridge is now safe for motorists, after a tractor trailer exceeded the weight limit and damaged the bridge. No charges have been filed in connection with the incident, according to reports. The 251-foot bridge crosses the North Fork of the Dearborn River on Highway 434

Heavier Snow On The Way

Helena is heading into the weekend in the grip of a winter storm including snow and bitterly cold temperatures. The winter storm warning continues through tomorrow. Tonight, forecasters say we could be getting up to two inches of snow per hour through tomorrow morning.

Man Charged With Two Felonies After Candy Theft

You have to have a powerful sweet tooth to risk prison to steal a few bags of candy. However, Andrew Witham is accused of taking that risk. He’s charged with robbery and criminal endangerment for allegedly stealing bags of candy from clearance carts outside the Albertson’s store on North Montana on Tuesday afternoon.

Street Crews Prepare For Storm Cleanup.

A three day storm is getting underway today that is expected to drop as much as a foot and a half of snow on Helena. Travel conditions are expected to worsen through the day today. The City Streets Division in Helena has been preparing for a big storm like this one, planning for pilot projects that include plowing to the curb, reviewing snow routes, flexible shift starts for plow drivers and using Ice Slicer instead of rock chips on some areas. Ice Slicer is a salt product that’s less corrosive than rock salt.

Montana Drivers Ranked As Worst

For the third time, an insurance website ranks Montana as having the worst drivers in America. issued the ranking for 2017. We were also the worst in 2014 and 2015. The rankings were issued based on five categories, including fatality rate and drunk driving.

Violence Erupts On Christmas

Sadly, not everyone in Helena celebrated a Christmas that was all about peace on earth, goodwill toward men. Take, for example, the case of Darrin Lee Newman, who is charged with Felony Strangulation. He’s accused of wrapping both hands around a woman’s neck on Christmas, and throwing her into a chair in a home on North Ewing. In a separate case, an argument over a cigarette lighter led a man to strike a friend in the head with a hammer several times on Christmas Eve. John Lowrie is behind bars. He’ll be arraigned next month.

Helena man accused of attacking his mother and daugher last week is facing several criminal charges

A Helena man accused of attacking his mother and daugher last week is facing several criminal charges. Court documents show Christopher Ballenger-Brooks broke into a home on Prospect Avenue, where he allegedly assaulted the pair. He is being held at the Lewis and Clark County Jail on a 40-thousand dollar bond. Brooks is charged with aggranavated burglary and assault.